Meet The Team

I’m married to my loving wife Gill and we have two children and ‘delightful’ twin grandsons! 
I have a doctorate in Metallurgy. I love caravanning, all sport, the group Muse, bird photography, Liverpool FC & making music.
I have been a follower of Jesus Christ from my early teens. I have worked for Youth for Christ, trained at Oak Hill Theological College and served as a curate at St Botolphs Church, Barton Seagrave. The words of this modern Christian song describe my love of God and my priority of ministry within the churches I serve as Rector ;
"Knowing you Jesus, Knowing You. There is no greater thing. You’re my all, you’re the best, you’re my joy, my righteousness and I love you Lord.”

Revd Stephen McKenzie
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Revd Noreen Russell
In church I teach and lead two Bible study and prayer groups.

I also keep a weather eye on the Tittensor pastoral care group, and Foodbank donations. 
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June Steed
I became a Christian when I was 19 and understood what it was to know Jesus personally. Going to church has become part of life.  As a Reader I take services about once a month I run a Growth Group on Tuesday mornings
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Paul Graetz
I believe that God is always with us and that he will look after us and give us the strength to cope with any situation which we face. I also think that it is important to worship God regularly with other like-minded Christians and that we all do need to remind ourselves before God that we are not perfect. I lead services and take assemblies in school.
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Freda Bishop
I am a Christian because I try to follow the Way of Jesus Christ as I believe Him to be the Son of God.

As a Lay Reader I am licensed by the Bishop to lead services and
​to preach.
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Judy Porter
 At church I enjoy the Worship, Fellowship and the
occasional Alleluia. 

My main interests there are prayer, people and ​​pastoral work.  I am involved with school links and overseas mission. 
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Chris Stokes
I go to church primarily to worship God and to give thanks that Christ made such a sacrifice for me. 

As a Reader I deliver Home Communion to those unable to attend church, and I do a variety of jobs, including minor repairs and assisting with Mums and Toddlers, as well as being Church Warden.